Viviana Corvaia


the women’s factory

The Moroccan factory where 90 percent of the workers are women.

Laayoune and Marsa are two cities in the Laâyoune-Boujdour-Sakia El hamra region in southern Morocco. Unlike the international image they hold, they are areas of great development and with significant territorial resources, especially as regards the extraction of phosphates and the flourishing fishing activity.

Two cities that have developed over the last 30 years as administrative centres with promising economic and employment growth, where women also have significant roles in the various sectors of reference: institutions, companies, associations, local authorities, commerce and politics. The visit to the factory Damsa, producer of canned sardines, located in the industrial area of Marsa, is a clear demonstration of this. The Damsa Company demonstrates the ability to exploit the territory and its employees, boasting an occupational branch made up of 90% of women and the distribution of its products throughout Morocco and abroad;Important attention has also been paid to working conditions in terms of worker care and safety. In the new structure seating positions have been introduced in order to promote the comfort of the workers who otherwise would have to remain in an upright position for many hours.


This project was carried out in 2016 within a humanitarian mission with the organisation METE Onlus and was published in The Post Internazionale.