Viviana Corvaia

Secondo Quarantine

How life in an Italian condominium has changed during the Covid-19

I am spending these endless days felt like forced imprisonment, or like eternal Sunday waiting for a Monday that does not come yet. I am in Turin, a new city for me. We often let ourselves be fascinated by exotic and far away stories. However, I think sometimes the biggest challenge is to find  less than "a meter away" from us, so to say. Stories we might feel deeply connected with and that are worth telling. 

And it is in this very moment that the "Second Quarantine" project comes to light, inspired by the saint the church I see through the window is dedicated to.

Just by simply opening the door of my apartment, I can't help but feel involved by the great humanity of people who live in this building, whose apartments are accessible through balconies. Paths connecting several apartments on the same floor, overlooking an internal courtyard. Here live many young university students and workers who decided, unlike many others, not to come back to their home towns before the lockdown, thus limiting the spread of the virus. The sense of community that has developed since last month is very strong. New friendships along with a great feeling of solidarity are born and so are ties built upon a common desire to go beyond fear. All these nice feelings are getting consolidated right now, during a time afar from hectic lives and daily commitments. 

That is the reason why I felt the need to take my camera once again and focus the lens on the new habits of this small circle of people living here, next to me, to witness a biblical change, a piece of history in the making that might be told in the future maybe thanks to these shots, which show intimate and familiar aspects of a common need: each other.


Italy, Turin, 2020.